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So proud of the boys in recent matches. Been really impressed with most of them. Impressed at the high quality on show from both sides in these fixtures. So sad to think that on average only a few might make it as professionals at any level.

Thought the back 4 were superb against Chelsea, but would probably nominate Cameron McGeehan as MOM, fitting he got the goal to cap the performance.

Other teams blood youngsters at this tender age, Carlton Morris looks a man already, dont think any of the others could step in as yet though.

Murphy twins have obvious potential, but seem to have good attitude and work rate too.

Very impressed with Hall-Johnson too in the semi''s, but I never saw Korey or Adeyemi at this level so have no perspective on how he matches up.

So impressed with the quality of the football on show and so hope they can hold out in the second leg.

Was so refreshing to see a team play without fear :)

Does anyone who watches the boys regularly have a perspective on how good the current crop are compared to previous?

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