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Yellow Messiah

Idiotic booing at the Hoolahan substitution...

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The reasoning behind it not being one of the centre midfielders (aside from that Wes wasn''t having as strong a second half) is that at that stage it was not just a slight, acceptable risk it was an extreme risk. With the midfield Villa were playing Johnson and Howson has to work so hard to get even into the battle, which they did well.

Had one of them gone off, then we would have been even more bare in the middle, which would have led to more space for players like Delph to control the game and cause more of a hassle. The substitution came later then needed to however but still a diamond with two wide players is something which only works in the world of fifa.

The side to that arguement would be the Wes would have given the extra cover, which I do not doubt would have happened but it is different. It would have either meant Wes would not have got back as strongly as others, or from getting back and having to cover would have lost out on his attacking influence.

So then comes whether should have been one of the wingers. With Pilks not playing at his best (fitness maybe, just the fact sometimes didn''t happen) would have been the option seen by some, but this creates its own problems. We would have become more narrow out on the left, defeating the two "big man" option a little as less chances for crossing means less options from that front. When it comes down to it playing two wingers means a lot for a team like us where our strikers have a lack of pace (or ability in general to be honest) and they become the outlet which means a lot.

Just a slight view on maybe some of the thinking of the substitution, I can see why some think it was negative but in the context it may have been the only option. The people around me were only unhappy as to why it wasn''t Holt going off after another noshow up front, so who knows exactly why people weren''t happy

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I am hoolahan''s biggest critic, but I thought he had a solid first half, second half was back to his poor self, kie should have been on from the start

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