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Kanadyan Kanary

Our style of play and lack of goals.

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If you look objectively our attacking

play has been poor all season (including pre-season). Even during the unbeaten

run, most of our goals came from set pieces but our attacking forays during

open play has been a weak part of our game, throughout this campaign.  Yes, we have changed to two strikers on

occasion but that’s not the problem – the problem is the poor service they

receive and we simply do not provide enough quality balls into the box during

open play. Until we sort that out, we will not be an attacking threat.

We make the odd tweak by changing like for like players but the

tactics and the end result are the same.  Players seem to lack confidence when they

cross the half-way line, there is a lack of movement off the ball, players end

up passing it backwards or taking on the opposition and invariably giving away

possession.   IMO we are just too defensively-minded, almost

scared of moving forward during open play for fear of losing shape at the back. 

Until we change that, I fear our best chance of scoring will

continue to be from set pieces, where we seem less worried about our defensive shape

because we have more time to recover.

Having said all that, it seems that some of our supporters are happy with this style of football although I have to say I expect better. As football fans we can expect highs and lows and we live for the highs that are yet to come, however, having watched every game this season (albeit on TV), I find myself increasingly disappointed with our performances and fear that those "highs" will be few and far between with this style of football.

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True, but it''s all in the name of progress. I''m sure this is just the start up Hughton wants. It will change next season.

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BW''s Cat.  I hope you are right but if this season is a guide as to how we are going to play under Hughton (and we have no other evidence to suggest otherwise) I just can''t see things changing for the better.

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