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The "boys" done well!

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Of all the signings since the end of last season, the two who have moved from villain to hero in status are Bunn and Turner. These two were probably in most most people''s minds for MOM on Saturday. Yet each in their earlier days were heavilt criticised - "Why did CH sign him?" "Come back soon, John Ruddy!" "He''s a liability and will never make a Premiership CD!"


Things have certainly changed. Bunn, in his present form could well keep Ruddy out for the rest of the season, and Turner surely has no replacement and has become an excellent CD with Bassong.


Tettey has gone off the boil recently, Whittaker is being kept out by Martin, Garrido can be a little iffy. You could argue that Bunn and Turner have proved to be the best signings of CH. (Snoddy has shown that he can play at Premiership level, but in any case was largely a Lambert signing in the pipeline.)


If Becchio and Kamara reach the same sort of improvement after slow starts, the manager will have achieved a great result with limited funds.

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