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Refreshing.... you are hereby added to the list of sound posters on here (not many!) and i agree with you, though i do feel that the philosophies of Laudrup and Hughton are rather distant. Probably akin to having Van Basten/Klinsmann as a manager vs Worthy/Vinnie Jones. One striker does not make a team after all! As i stated earlier i''m more than willing to give CH time to build....after all, his transfer dealings so far have been superb! Hopefully we can find one, if not two PL standard central midfielders and play a slightly more attacking style next season. Oh, and for the record we will be in the PL next season :)

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[quote user="6088m canary"]Miserable old gits perhaps.....but perhaps its only because they can remember an age when we could compete. Sad reality is that if the best we can put out in CM is Johnson/Tettey/Howson with a view to not getting beaten.....then surely we lose exactly what NCFC should represent.....good, passing football. I''m far from an old git but i do find it sad that modern football has become littered with athletes as opposed to footballers. Would the likes of Molby, Stoichkov, Chippy, Le Tissier, hell..... even Hoddle get into a modern day PL side? First elevens full of supercharged Carlton Palmers?! I can understand the frustrations of people on this board....we weren''t so far away from Swansea of last year....now we are a complete shadow! As for the rest of the shite on this MB, well..... perhaps there is a reason i have so few posts in God knows how many years!! And no...it''s not because i''m a binner.[/quote]




How is that anything to do with my post. I''m not a binner either BTW[+o(]


Peter Mendham & Asa Hartford was the central midfield that won are only major trophy. Shall we devalue them along with Johnson/Tettey/Howson?


What about Goss/Newman/Sutch or Megson? Or from the 70s great escape Briggs/Livermore/Hockey?


As far as I can see you hanker after Chippy. (Don''t we all). But he was the exception rather than the rule. We have had far, far worse than Johnson/Tettey/Howson in our top tier midfields.


Perhaps I am part of your *** on this messageboard because I have a large post count. But it will be interesting to see if you can carry on this debate without being selective or insulting...



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