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Yellow Wal

So who's going to get relegated with Ipswich?

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Relegation from the Premiership to the Championship is a great drop but the drop from the Championship to League One is even greater. Many very big teams have made that drop in recent seasons but it now seems that with all the parachute payments available a high place in the league is far from guaranteed.

Wolves and Blackburn are right in the middle of a relegation fight and only Bolton are relatively safe with an outside chance of a playoff place.

Perhaps the days of the yoyo clubs are gone and we must be even more careful that we do not get dragged down.

To all those supporters who want more entertaining football at the possible cost of points, be warned. This season is about survival, next season will have to see the entertainment improvement.

Meanwhile .......... who will suffer the drop with Ipswich? My money would be on Barnsley and Wolves.

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