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Worst 3 players?

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Perhaps the game against the baggies will start a new trend - play as poor a quality of football that we can muster and based on saturday it can be pretty poor!  The reward for the worst performing players is that they get to put their name on the score sheet!!!  3 points in the bag each week.

It has been well discussed that the central defensive pairing didnt have a good game but I think Damos dream strike has hidden his overall performance.  For much of the game he seemed at best disinterested and off the pace - only to remind us with that strike just what he can contribute.

player scores

Green - 6  some good saves made up for the error for the first goal - a poor kick after chosing the wrong option.

Eddy - 5 Eddy does as eddy is

Flem - 5 - saved by the softest but most vital goal he is ever likely to score - going in 1 down could have changed our season.

Doc - 5 poorest game he has had since he played up front.

Charlie - 6 didnt look fit but still lokks far better at centre half than left back. 

(All the defenders were over worked due to the poor choice of formation)

Stuart - 6  Some good touches and covered the ground well.  Good first impression and looks a good paartner to francis

Damo - 5  Disappeared for too long in the game as the midfield was over run.  Saved by his sweet strike

Holt - 6  Ran his guts out as usual and did his destructive bit well but still cant use the ball well enough for this level.

Hux - 7  Despite being wasted on the left in the second half was our only potent threat, despite continuing to run down so many blind alleys.

Leon - 5 poor poor poor.  Added nothing in the first half, slightly better inthe second when had the full pitch to exploit - however added nothing to the team as an attackingthreat other than running hard.  No quality and out of his depth.  typical Leon performance then. 

Ashton - 6  A couple of half chances in the first half but service dried up in the second as Hux played a more withdrawn role and Deano vanished with the service he had from Leon.

Brennan - 6  Our best defender on the day - filled in well at left back.

McVeigh - 6  Looked busy but didnt add much either defensively or as an attacker.

Coaching staff - 4.  Wrong personnel in the wrong formation for the opponents was a bad enough mistake to make, failing to deal with the threat once it materialised was unforgiveable.  A miracle on Carrow Road saved their bacon.









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I find it hard to argue with many of your assessments here- the marks just about sum up how we played. I think Stuart might have been worth a 7, but again he was wasted on right midfield- what he did he did very well I thought. Hux was really the only bright spark some good runs and a splendid cross for the second goal (an almost exact replica of Leon''s versus Boro).

Felt very sorry for Ashton- he was given almost nothing and Leon would probably be only a 4 in my book ( I can''t remember anything useful he contributed, bring back Matty! (when fit)). Doc is probably a 5 becaue of his goal- had he not scored I would have marked him 4 or maybe even 3 as well as he seemed to slice or miskick so many clearances and just hoofed it up to Albion''s defenders whenever he could. He also played Earnshaw (or was it Campbell) onside for the deflected pass that led to Richardson''s goal.

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What a couple of miserable old buggers you are!Both your gift horses mouths are well being looked into ,and some crafty minesweeper has just drunk your 1/2 empty glasses!

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Nolegs I have already posted elsehwere that the feeling at the final whistle on sat was even better than the joy at getting to 4-4 against boro - a fantastic result with 3 very cruial points in the bag - a couple more poor performances but 3 points will means so much that I will take it Saturday was as close to fantasy football as it gets - our closest rivals failing to get real points while we sneak a win and we now seem to be able to score goals.  Bring on Blackburn , pray we dont get any injuries as we get kicked off the pitch and hopefully no defeat and the world will be wonderful. 

However I wont gloss over the fact that it was the worse performance from a city team since hamilton was manager and that was the biggest mugging of a result since Manure beat Bayern Munich in 1999 - terrific to celebrate getting one over on the rivals no matterthe performance but actually the better team on the day lost.





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[quote]Perhaps the game against the baggies will start a new trend - play as poor a quality of football that we can muster and based on saturday it can be pretty poor! The reward for the worst performing pl...[/quote]

Greeno: 6
Eddie: 7
Charlton: 4
Doc: 6
Flem: 5
Stuart: 5
Damo: 6
Holt: 5
Hucks: 7
Leon: 4
Ashton: 4

Greeno was at fault for the first goal but made a few decent saves.

Eddie, I thought done pretty well.

Charlton should have never started, quite blatantly unfit - was absolutely terrible.

Doc was not as bad as a lot of people on this forum are making out, although I agree he wasn''t great.

Flem only gets 5 because of his goal, he was shocking - how the fudge did he get MOM???!! One of his worst games in a Canary shirt IMHO. Looks more out of his depth with every game.

Stuart looked overweight and off the pace

Holt looked totally out of his depth (again) and we were only playing West Brom.

Damo disappeared for half the game.

Leon was very poor, but I think people are over-looking how poor Ashton was as well.

Overall this just a terrible performance with Hucks (again) being our best player by a mile.

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I think Zipper and I are well and truly delighted with the result but Zipper has put down an honest assessment of how it went. We have played better and lost, we play badly and win. Its ironic that one day we could have all those ratings at 7 or 8 and still lose by the odd goal. Southampton yesterday only drew but played very well. Maybe we should have more off days and we''ll pick up more results. But nobody can actually claim that we were anywhere near our best. As they say, its a funny old game.....

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Zipper, I think your assessemnt of Eddy and Leon is harsh but predictable (you probably decided on their ratings at 15:00).

For what its worth :-

Green 6

Eddy 7

Flem 5

Doc 5 (both centre backs were jittery and if Doc doesn''t clear it first time my heart sinks)

Charlton 6 (Brennan 7) Brennan has not played a bad game. I can''t understand why he''s always the one to step down.

Stuart 6 (McVeigh 6) (Stuart was industrious but not the attacking presence i hoped he''d be but I''d still play him instead of Jonson) (mcVeigh :- in the last 2 games I think he has been an effective sub but i wouldn''t start with him)

Francis 6

Holt 7 (seems to have got the whipping boys off his back now they''ve seen what Mulryne can/can''t do)

Hucks 7

Leon 7 (worked his nads off - defensively too)

Ashton 6 (i thought he had a quiet game)



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To be fair to eddy and charlie they suffered the most at the hands of a 4-3-3 formation that exposed our flanks to the marauding Gera and Greening in the first half - no full back would have looked good facing that and I did mention that...

You are probably right FTFW, I admit that my eyes probably are tarnished as far as eddy is concerned - no person can be totally impartial with regards football analysis - I try to be fair and over the last 2/3 weeks have minimised the amount of negative comments about eddy as it lookedl ike a vendetta - that is not my intention; dicsussing poor performance is.  However when McVeigh came on it was he who covered the right back position and challenged Greening and not Eddy who continued to move out of position far too frequently, a frequent feature of his performances .  His energy, committment and ability to get forward are excellent - I just feel he gets caught out of position and ball watching far too frequently for premier football.  I know I am pretty much alone with this view and accept my fate as such - its just something we will have to agree to differ on.

While Helveg is injured Eddy must play and I am more than happy that he plays for us next season should we get relegated - that is his proven level.

Leon I want soooo much to do sooo well, but it just isnt happening for him and like Eddy it is a step too far.  I agree with posters elsewhere that like McVeigh (my personal fave but not exempt from my criticism he types clutching in vain at a straw of even handedness) he must be restricted to subs appearance and injury cover only.

I agree with you about Brennan - I have been firm in my belief that he is only a squad player at this level - like many others.  However he did a good job for us on sat and should keep his place against blackburn on sat and give charlie the chance to get fully fit as soon as possible  - a fit brennan is better than an injured charlie, who should return to central defence once fit.   

Other than Eddy and Leon our views on the game are pretty similar...


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I must say FTFW, when did working your nads off become the reason you get 7 out of 10 in a match summary?

His basic talent is lacking, no-one is questioning his desire to do well. The fact is that Leon ain''t good enough, nads or no nads. He''s started 13 games this season, and had a further 12 sub appearances.

He''s scored two goals.

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