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Well done, the defence!

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The EPL has calculated the source of each Premiership goal. (You have to allow for mis-definition - Michu apparently is included as a midfielder, as they allocate goals respectively to strikers, midfielders and defenders, and then calculate percentages.


For us it seems that our strikers have scored just over 42%, our midfielders (mainly our wingers, I think) have contributed just over 28.5% and our defenders the same as the midfielders.


In this our strikers'' contribution is the 8th worst and the midfielders the 5th best. The defenders are top by a long way at 28.57%, they are well above the next, Man U at 17%. I hasten to remind readers that 17% of Man U goals is probably more than 28% of our goals, in terms of actual number.


So the defence, which is best  in actual goals conceded among the all the bottom teams trying to avoid relegation, (and currently much better, because we conceded several in the days before Tettey, Turner and Bassong were all present and accustomed to each oither), has also made a disproportionate contribution to goal scoring!


In this time of concern, we should give the defence a rousing cheer!

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