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Perky Canary

Confident of a win against Swansea.

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I watched the game at the Liberty Stadium and I would say we were very dominate overall, yes Swansea clearly had a bad game and weren''t up to there standards and again they haven''t been recently. But they won''t be worrying about relegation and with a cup under there belts I''d imagine they''re feeling rather settled and not putting so much into every game, and one thing I think that not even the most frustrated of fans can say that Norwich don''t give it there all every game because from what I''ve seen there are few teams that look they are really giving it 110% every game and we''re one of them. With this, I haven''t seen so much media as I have done this week about our lack of goals thus I think the team are really going to push high up the pitch, press the ball well when not in possession and really strive to get the ball in the back of the net, I can see us netting at least twice - without playing 2 strikers. I know a lot of people on this board feel we should be playing with two strikers, however with the extra man being in midfield it gives us more control over the middle of the park which I don''t think many people  tend to think about when wishing for the extra man up top. However, I do agree in some sense as to having 2 up top for that extra man to aim for when whipping a cross in (which I think will be vital for us in scoring against Swansea) but I also think we need Hoolahan on the pitch as he is vital in going forward for us. I also believe Swansea lack strength and a bit of brute force in there team which ours rely on heavily. With players such as Turner, Bassong, Holt, Becchio, Kamara, Johnson, even all the Scots we have in our team, I think the Swans will struggle against them - which is why I believe we were so dominate away to them. We also have a very good record against them in the top flight which I believe is down to this factor. However, they can compete against this with there confidence and quality on the ball, that in some ways we lack, but we dealt with this well at the Liberty, maybe not so much in the second half where we began to tire, but I still don''t think we would have conceded without my final statement.Mark Bunn. At the time he was only just coming into the side after Ruddys unfortunate injury, and he was clearly lacking confidence and hadn''t fully fitted into the squad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx2xdThWV0E - From watching this video, you can clearly see this in him while watching the Swansea''s goals. He isn''t sure weather to come for balls, and his reactions were just a little slow. But since then he has been excellent in the sticks for us, not too the likes of Ruddy, but done just as good as job I feel. And I don''t doubt that Hughton will be bringing him back in after his unfortunate suspension and I think he will be fired up and ready to make up for mistakes (or the refs) on Saturday, just like the rest of the team.So I believe the team will really set our for this one and really want to get the crowd going that they have failed to do in recent home games. Feel free to reply with your opinions, I may have missed points that could prove me wrong and I''d be interested in hearing them. On the ball city!

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