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Prediction - Looks good so far. (Positive Post Warning)

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Using the BBC predictor and being realistic on results I get this:Whats yours ?P.S. Its only a bit of fun for all you moaners.

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Looked OK in the preview, here you go.

1 Man Utd                           96

2.Man City                          78

3.Arsenal                             75

4.Spurs                                 73

5.Chelsea                            72

6.Liverpool                          62

7.Everton                            61

8.West Brom                      54

9.Fulham                             52

10.Swansea                        45

11.West Ham                     45

12.Norwich                         41

13.Southampton               40

14.Aston Villa                     39

15.Stoke                              37

16.Newcastle                     37

17.Sunderland                   33

18.QPR                                 33

19.Wigan                             33

20.Reading                          24

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