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I'm a Narwich City fan and I know it all, boy.

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Hello, my names Stan and I''m Narwich fan, for all my life boy. I know better than 3/4 of yous because I''m a season ticket in the lower Barclay.

My first point, we should sack Hoooton, my boys sunday team plays better football, boy. Secondly this Culderwood, I once read him and Grant don''t get on you know, he needs to go boy!

Now onto the team,

Ruddy - He''s no Fraser Forster now is he boys, I''d say David Marshall is better than him boy!

Whittaker - Why''d we sign this bloke boy, he''s only played in the Scottish League, which you and me both know is the equivalent of the Rymans League, cr@p signing, not that i''ve ever seen him play boy!

Bassong - Got relegated with Wolves, we all know relegation spells relegation boy, I''m not overwhelmed!

Bunn - Is Hoooton crazy boy? We''ve got Rudd and Steer, I never see them train but I''d throw either of em the number 1 jersey without consideration! Whats the chance of Ruddy getting a long term injury anyway boy?

Tettey - My Nan could pass a ball better boy!

Howson, Johnson, Becchio, Snodgrass - We''re not gonna win anything with them boy, they were all playing in League 1 you know!

Pilkington - Only trys against the big teams boy!

Fox - He can''t tackle, he can''t shoot, what''s the point boy?

Cinamon Jackson - League 1 striker at best boy!

Tierny - Needs to shave his head again boy!

Surman - Nancy, I tell ya boy!

Hoolahan - Too lightweight for the Premiership boy!

Turner - Half the player Docherty was boy!

Holt - Sell the fat b@stard! He''s never in the box boy, he never scores, was just after his final pay day boy!

Kamara - The MLS is even worse than the SPL boy!

Chris Martin - I read a story once boy, complete thug he is!

Ryan Bennett, Barnett, Butterfield - Might as well release em on frees boy!

One player we should''ve kept was Simon Lappin boy, I liked him I did! In my eyes he should be added to the hall of fame boy!

Now the formation, 4-2-4, it''s simple boy, we cant score so we need more strikers, start with them Murphy boys, I like the youth I do.

I''d start that Loza as well boy, I tell ya I like the youth I do! Then when he doesn''t score hatrick on his debut we can destroy his confidence boy!

Please note. If you sit in the River End or If you''re an arm chair fan or If you own a replica shirt or if you''re under 25, PLEASE don''t bother commenting on this thread as your point of view is irrelevant, thank you.

PS. If we keep Hughton he should be forced into Lamberts shrewd tactics of signing players with the same names, It''s proven to work boy!

Yours Sincerely Stan, Head Coach of BRC Under 8''s.

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