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Away Form

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Today aside, our away form this season is again not great.

Almost all teams below a certain level seem to use the 4-5-1 formation away from home, as we do. But should we? Do we have the players to make it work that successfully? And if not, what should we use?

Genuinely interested to hear others opinions on this. This is not intended to be yet another rehash of the Hughton negative / 2 up front arguments by the way!

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We have less away points than QPR and Villa, with the same number of games played, so yes we need to sort it out next season.

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Our away record shows the following:














West Brom

West Ham


Man Utd

In the cold light of day, yes we''ve only won once but looking at who we''ve played I don''t think our record is that bad. The win at Swansea was superb, the draws in the main were good results, Everton and Spurs in particular were excellent, and even sides like West Ham and Fulham who we''ve lost to have good home records. Being realistic I don''t think we''ve done that badly. Home points are always the key to survival for a Club like ours in this league.

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Any point away from home is a good one in this league, although looking at the QPR, Reading and Southampton games you kinda feel like should be beating some teams like that away from home. That said, we didn''t lose to them, which is the important thing.

Our home form has been superb this year though.

All in all, like you say, for our situation I''m happy with that record for now. A couple more wins should see us safe

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