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The "B" teams.

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"I knew I''d score against Blackpool, I always get goals when I play the B-teams." Curtis Davies (Daily Mail.")


Most of the speculation about how Hughton should spend his , hopefully, soon to be acquired zillions in the Summer has centred around strikers, with some posters insisting that there is a great a need for mid-field re-enforcements as well.


It is a tribute to the way the manger has built up our defence that few now speculate about defensive signings with the exception of LB strengthening should Garrido not stay or Tierney move on.


It seems widely accepted that Leon Barnett might well be sold and there are remainining doubts about Ayala''s continued value to our Club.


Central defence is now a strong position for our team. The two stalwarts should be ever presents for a long time to come if they remain free of injury and avoid suspension and young Bennett, an expensive purchase by Lambert made with an eye to the future, should realistically be able to step up should this happen. In any case, there is always R. Martin, who is probably most people''s first choice for this role, but this depends upon the availability of Whittaker.


"Is this position already taken care of for next season?" I ask myself.

"Probably yes," I reply.


I suppose it depends on the just how "ready" Bennett is, if indeed he ever will be, and "probably" is therefore not enough.


Like many, I have always liked the idea of Curtis Davies in the yellow, and I believe Hughton does as well (and he should know.) This player has popped up a lot in speculation, but apparently Birmingham have wanted too much for him. I''d settle for him in the Summer if a deal is possible and feel that such a signing would cement this position to the point of being "sorted." Hughton and some on here may have other ideas. 


My only reservation concerning the player is that there are no "B-teams" in the Premiership at the moment and, unless Brighton win the Championship play-offs, there won''t be next season either. I am therfore tempted to adopt an approach similar to that of the Dice Man ie. if Brighton get promoted we sign Davies, but if they don''t, we look elsewhere. [;)] 


Fortunately, Hughton doesn''t appear to be that much of a gambler and I suspect that he will "think" his way through to the right outcome for this particular dilemna.


P.S. Further Dice Man solutions:  1-3 we sign Hooper for £4m. in the Summer, 4-6 we look elsewhere.




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I don''t think Ryan Bennett will ever be a regular Premier League centre back. He lacks that split-second decisiveness and that isn''t something you can coach into a player.

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Bumping my own thread here ..... but first time ever, I swear.


Probably not a good idea to present a more general and forward looking discussion point on a match day morning, but today emphasised the fact that, contrary to last Summer, defensive strenghthening is not a priority for Hughton this time around. 


Changes at LB and another CB should surfice IMO.


Another point. With Bunn playing so well how would others on here feel about Ruddy leaving should one of the big boys show practical interest? There have been rumours relating to this after all (Liverpool I seem to recall.)


As a full England international Big J would command a sizeable fee and remember DeGea cost Manure £18m.


I would shudder at us becoming a selling club again, especially as we won''t need the money like we did in the constant past, but this would tempt, especially as young Rudd would have another season under his belt. Is Camp permanent? Can''t remember.


Dice? 1-5 = keep him. 6 = cash in. Although the massive wages likely to be offered to JR in the event could mean we don''t even get a throw.

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