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Three things

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That need to happen IMMEDIATELY :

1 - Harry Kane''s loan needs to be terminated. He is utterly useless, if we''re going to field a player who is nowhere near ready for the Premiership, why the HELL are we not playing Jamar Loza who is actually on our books, instead of ''helping'' Spurs by giving game time to their talentless cast-offs? Waste of wages and coaching effort.

2 - We need to offer REALISTIC money for one or more strikers. Stop fannying around offering bids well under players'' value and insulting their clubs, thus making the managers less keen to sell to us - Offer what the player is worth. We''ve done it with Hooper, now with RVW - realistically we''ve lost them both, whereas a starting bid that is at least close to the players'' actual values might well have had more success. If we have to spend £12-15m this week to secure Premiership survival and £60m+ in the summer, then so be it. Obviously we''re no QPR throwing money around like water but the current stingy attitude is frankly going to get us relegated.

3 - The board need to grow the cojones to axe Hughton. Not after giving him 4 games to prove himself; not at the start of next month, not when the transfer window has slammed shut ruining any hope of us getting a decent player in - NOW. Tonight. Hughton may be a good coach, but he has NO ability to influence games on the field, the players very obviously have little to no faith in him, and he is tactically clueless as seen by his obsession with sticking to formations that clearly don''t work and his repeated failure to use substitutions sensibly.

I really, really wanted Hughton to succeed at Norwich, but it''s very clear that he isn''t up to the task. Get him out, and bring in either Adkins or a foreign coach with the ability to inspire confidence in his players and play attacking football, because at the moment I genuinely cannot see us winning another game this season.

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