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Where do you start after Blackburn?

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Ok Green was at fault but he will off the off day. The defence were unconvincing but there weren''t shots being peppered on goal. The attack was timid and Huckerby more or less a shadow of himself. One felt sorry for Ashton whose service was dreadful from a midfield and defence that looked to offload the ball at every chance and all to another City player who had a Blackburn player breathing down his neck within a few seconds of receiving the ball.

Unfortunately, we keep hearing about work rate (thankfully not today) but the honest, hard truth is that Blackburn showed how us to do it, and they''re no great shakes. City looked so lacking in confidence, as if they didn''t even want it - bar Stuart perhaps, who, despite some lack of quality at times, at least tried to take the ball and move with it and forward (and he''s on loan!). Finally, there''s the manager''s strange tactics - putting Charlton at right back. The long ball game in a strong wind? You just knew the outcome - of course it would have been a different game if those 3 chances had gone in - but what now?

1. Bring in Shackell at the very least. Worthy changes the strikers and midfield at will. We need someone to protect Green better (alongside Fleming) and he has the height and is not afraid to say a word or two.

2. Get the players to watch Arsenal, Man Utd tapes - even Blackburn today!! See how they press all the time when not in possession - doesn''t half make the opposition nervy when you do that. Yes there''s the gulf in class and quality but any team can apply pressure - maybe they''re too unconfident about what might happen if they get exposed - that''s when a quick, young centre half comes in.

3. For goodness sake play people where they work best (Huckerby does not look like a striker that Ashton can work off).

4. Practice running with the ball through midfield - we seemingly have no-one prepared to do it.

Sorry to sound like Brian Clough - but isn''t it all simple really?

Today I just felt we may as well go down playing the way we should be rather than trying to nick games here and there. It still isn''t too late as some other posters are saying but you worry when you lose so badly to Blackburn let alone Chelsea, Arsenal etc...to come. 

Can they stop looking like a relegation side?

steady on now''s your chance....

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