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Jersey Canary

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There is no excuse for any team not to close down quickly. If win the ball early higher up the pitch to give the defence a break and give the Holt''s of this world half a chance of an opportunity to score.

Also, there is no reason why we cannot pass the ball quicker. When Arsenal ping the ball about quickly they invariably win, but like Norwich now in recent years Arsenal have used the slower methodical pace which is very hit and miss if you play a team who are closing down and pinging the ball bout quickly.

So close own quicker and pass the ball quicker and we will overcome this poor patch.

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Against Luton maybe we could have closed down quicker but thats always risky as you close down higher up the pitch creating gaps nearer our goal for the other team to work in.

However, i do agree with passing quicker, especially games like yesterdays, it was very lethargic and slow which made it easy for Luton to sit back and make it difficult. All of a sudden in the 2nd half we tried even more long balls to Holt, then they scored and it was like a switch flicked and there was urgency but it was too late.

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