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2nd half of the season points to note

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1. Our 1st choice keeper badly injured during December and out for the majority of the remainder of the season.

2. 2nd choice keeper, unsurprisingly not as good as our 1st choice. Supplemented by a keeper loaned in to strengthen that department until the end of the season.

3. Season going fine until the turn of the year. We were in a very healthy position, far away from any danger at the bottom of the table.

4. Short on strikers. A reliable striker desperately required before deadline day to help solve our woeful scoring record.

5. This is our first full season with a new manager following the high profile and acrimonious departure of our very successful former manager.

Food for thought no doubt, but I am actually talking about 1995, not 2013.

Some similarities are alarming here. Some are out of our hands admittedly, like injuries, but lots of small things going against us can mothball into ine serious problem.

The good news Is that we do still have time to rectify the current position we are in but we must learn from what went wrong previously. WE SIMPLY MUST GET A STRIKER, AT LEAST ONE, IN BEFORE NEXT THURSDAY.

Failure to do this will set some very loud alarm bells ringing, if we are to avoid a repeat of our errors in 1995.

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