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Fed up of "fans" turning on the club

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This is getting out of hand!

Admittantly, Charlton was caught out for the first goal, but the blame today for at least 2 of the goals lies with Greeno, someone who is above criticism for most of our games.  Admittantly the defence isn''t right at the moment, but I don''t think its the choice of players as such, I''ve seen the same group of players play excellently at Everton and other such games.

Its consistancy, it seems that if it isn''t one person making a mistake, its another, Charlton has been excellent this season, and he made a mistake, and then Greeno.  The fact is, if either Hucks, Deano or Brennan had taken one of their chances by the time blackburn got that goal we''d have been in an entirely different game!  As soon as the first goal when in the game changed and we were on the back foot.

I really do believe Worthy was trying to get us some new defenders in the window, but imho, I think we''d have to pay alot of money to get someone who is a genuine step up from what we have, didn''t West Brom pay £1.5million for Chaplow from Burnley?!  And as for playing Shackell, I''ve heard mixed reviews, but I don''t think unless he''s very ready, we should be risking his confidence now.

What I find the most disturbing is this sudden change within the supporters, at least on this board, from constructive to destructive criticism.  Its just not what we need, we knew it would be hard, and we knew we had very little spare cash for players and that in all probability, we''d still have a rebound season this season, and yet there are people on here who still believe that we should chuck Worthy out, spend £15 million we don''t have and risk the future of our club!  The transfer funds next season should be used to shore up the defence and to add someone else with an already-sharp eye for goal (as well as Deano). 

I don''t believe its wrong for fans to criticise the club, it needs to be done, and there are areas for criticism in our current performances, and I think alot of this is just down to the fact that we are still learning, we''ve not been in the premiership for 10 years and its changed alot, but its the type of criticism and the very short term memory people have that I think is wrong.  And this sudden, he made a mistake, drop him lark is simply stupidity.

Keep the faith, it might still happen!  OTBC!


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