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Rudolph Hucker

The Spurs Result: How Will It Affect Our Transfer Dealings?

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As everyone knows we play Spurs this Wednesday on the penultimate day of the transfer window.


There has been relatively few dealings so far in this annual game of poker but we all know the whole thing is set up like a house sale chain and to set it in motion it just needs those initial deals which set a cascade effect in motion.


Those deals need a catalyst and for a side in Norwich City''s position, whose season is in the balance, that catalyst could be a final straw result against Spurs.


Can you imagine the effect of a rejuvenated and fully fit first eleven going out and beating Tottenham with confidence restored going into the QPR game? We know we need four wins and a couple of draws so this would be a massive result. On that basis, would our Board decide not to be held to ransom in the transfer window and say no to targets whose clubs are holding out for a desperate buying club?


A draw might have a similar impact, but what about a loss or even another pasting? Would this be the catalyst to force the hand of the Board into sanctioning an overspend in the fear we are about to face relegation which in turn will lead to the loss of our best players and a large restructure in The Championship?


Personally, I''d like to see players come in with EPL experience, such as Mackie or Graham because they have a better chance of hitting the ground running. I''ve even said before that a non-striker would be fine if it meant we would release our full backs, get the ball wide and put in crosses. How ironic that it was our failure to compensate for an advancing Russell Martin that cost us the goal on Saturday?


Interesting too to hear Lennon saying they want a Hooper sale to be done sooner rather than later to allow Celtic time to get a replacement in. But there is more chance of everything going to the final day/evening and him getting the 11th hour deal he fears (which says to me he is resigned to losing his player to the right offer).


Clearly, there is a lot of pressure going around and the stakes are high. It might be a huge influence as to how those stakes look after the Spurs match.


And remember, a costly buy through pressure doesn''t make it a good buy so be careful what you wish for.



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