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My views of the Blackburn match

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I just finished watching the full 90 minutes at Ewood Park. I thought their 2nd goal was NOT only a fault by Gary Holt, also Adam Drury who stood at the near post too.

For any player who defended the post, if the ball driven in towards him, he should try to jump the highest to head the ball out; from the replay I just did not understand what Adam was doing, he looked like "scare" the ball and I cannot believe, he was not with the post after his attemp of jumping!

Also for anyone who stood on the post to defend the corner, if any oppositon player who was "FREE", he should shout to his teammate to get him, instead of moved away from the post, and tried to jump with the player.

For Gary Holt, he was just too easy to let Dickov to get away from his attention, it was his mistake, the same from what I saw he did against Aaron Hughes at St. James Park in last August.

Slightly shirt-pulling must be introduce on defend the corner, it was what Gary Holt and Mathias Jonson didn''t do that. Nigel should give a lecture to them.

I cannot say their 2nd goal caused us the game, because apart from the 3 chances we got in the first half, we just cannot create in the second half, as Huckerby was extremely quiet in the second half. 

Damo was silly to be booked because Savage just liked to wind up the opposition, but on the replay you can see Damo only had one push to Savage and all the world saw it, but Savage had two pushes to Damo''s chest, as the referee definitely miss that!!!

Adam Drury was my Man of the Match, despite his little error on the 2nd goal, he kept their dangerman Emerton the quiest in the game, eye on the ball always of course, also when joined the attack, Adam delivered some brilliant curling cross, only for our forward to miss the header.

Keep had a go to me, but I think Gary Holt did have a good game. Yes some of his pass were "hospital ball" to the defenders, forced them to hoist it away or a bit under pressue, but it was not a give away, also this is Premiership, not Championship! Midfielder did not always had tones of time to settle the ball, to control, to turn and pass! You had to do everything very quickly. I must remind everyone, Gary Holt is NOT Zinedine Zidane -- he will not play the ball liked magic and made a world class pass!!! Some of Gary Holt''s one touch pass in the game was simple but effective included the good low ball to release Ashton in the first half. Gary Holt also kept Savage quiet in the game also did maintain his high level of EQ, not to be wind up by the Welsh international.

My match rating:

Green 5
Charlton 4 (but he''s definitely play out of position, can''t blame him)
Doherty 5
Fleming 5
Drury 7 (Man of the Match, quality defending)
Stuart 7 (made many runs in midfield)
Holt 7 (kept Savage quiet and did a good job after Charlton off at right-back)
Francis 5
Brennan 5 (Poor miss of the chances)
Huckerby 4
Ashton 4
McKenzie 5
Safri 5

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totally agree with you comments.

But if you have read Roberts book you would understand behind the scenes, and im pretty sure that Worthy gave them a bolloking at half and fall time..

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