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Current Strikers And Squad Form

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I''m hugely disappointed in some of our fans where it concerns our current strikers. Especially the hate Morrison and Jackson get.

As exciting as it will be to bring in a new striker doesn''t necessarily mean it will be our best options.

This season our strikers are unable to be proven based on Hughton''s scheme of defensive play. I think it''s fair to say we haven''t had exciting games due to the whole squad cannot fully adapt to play defensively.

When we are down a goal or two Hughton doesn''t change the formation or put on attacking players to go for a win. Instead he will do like for like substitutions. In my conclusion based on what I have seen is the defensive play isn''t working and is obviously effecting the confidence of our players.

From last season till now Morrison and Jackson have had inconsistent runs. You cannot expect them to perform based on just training sessions. That goes for Fox, Barnett and the others. This season there are no reserve games to help our players perfect there match performance and to be match fit. Training doesn''t develop our squad into becoming a match fit team and also being able to play as a squad.

Luton Game highlighted this especially. We had a squad who have either had no games or very little games and expect them to play together in a different style of play to last season. It was awful to watch. I personally did not feel Jackson had a bad game and as for hotly and jacko playing two upfront, hasn''t quite happened for a while.

The last game I can recall where we went all guns blazing was the the league cup against Tottenham. We had all strikers on and went to attack the game that provided us the win.

As for people saying Jackson is crap I beg to differ. At the start of this his season his 4 game run showed us his new found form and everyone commented how well he was playing. When he got subbed off against Liverpool, everyone was booing at the fact he got subbed. He cannot now find consistency if the manager has decided to play one upfront which we all know are not his strengths and also playing defensively when Jackson is an attacking player.

Morrison suits the lone striker well but cannot really get more than 5-10 minutes coming on a sub.

Hotly cannot get a goal in as there is no service for nour midfield. Hotly has to chase the ball which in my case should be the midfielder job. We cannot create decent set pieces or even give a good cross from time to time. Please let''s not forget when picks corner went over the whole squad a few weeks back.

If the midfield cannot provide service for our strikers I''m afraid to say our problem won''t be changed if bringing in a new striker. If the new striker doesn''t have any service and cannot get a ball to score like hotly then what is the point. If Hughton doesn''t change this one up front situation then what is the point. We don''t go the win fans we just keep praying we get a draw or that sneaky win.

If hotly got that header against Luton he would be fine. If jacko scored against Newcastle he should be given a run only if hooligan didn''t take the ball to do nothing in the end cos we all know hooligan cannot score for some reason.

We need to get behind our players, not critiquing them on a situation which is based on what management say. I wouldn''t blame morro or jacko if they lose all confidence cos the fans are not helping. That goes for the whole squad. When we lost against Liverpool which was a dire game I never hear anyone saying the first team squad are shit. The manger needs to play to our players strengths and for the win.

I just feel sorry for whichever striker comes in. He won''t do any better than what we have based on our set up of play.

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I''m equally getting fed up with people suggesting that Hughton sets us up as a defensive team.

He doesn''t. He wants us to be tight, that''s different. Yes we are not the all out attack based system we were last season but that isn''t a bad thing.

We don''t play with five in the middle as such. We play with two battlers in Tettey and Johnson and then effectively four very forward thinking players in Snodgrass, Pilkington, Holt and Hoolahan.

Infact the problem isn''t even that. It''s that our team seems incapable of putting together a decent string of paces at the moment.

They are capable of it - they displayed that earlier in the season.

At the moment they lack confidence, and to be brutally honest, depth and quality up front.

Sometimes we need two strikers to give us a chance but Holt is the only one that carries any real threat other than Morison.

We can''t proceed with only three recognised strikers present and of those three only two being of any real threat to an opposition.

If Morison does go, it will be a shame - but then a mixture of injuries and form have prevented him from having a decent run in the team and what we need more than anything else is consistency and reliability.

But please, please don''t say Hughton sets us up as a defensive side - it simply isn''t true and can be seen. We are no Stoke (def), Blackburn or Bolton of old (def), or even West Ham who are more defensive than us.

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