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Perform like we did tonight and home fixtures left should equal comfortable survival

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We played well tonight and showed the commitment and desire we''ve been missing. Thought Tettey was outstanding

Home fixtures left:







West Brom

Dont think we could ask for a more accommodating run-in. 10 pts out of those 7 will be enough. 36/37 pts will probably be enough this year

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unfortunately or fortunately what ever way you look at it we usually raise our game for the big teams and under perform against teams we should beat.

Wouldn''t count our chickens too early. We did play well for a half tonight but again dropped too far back and had to defend all second half.

Lets take things a game at a time

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Hannibal we haven''t lost to a poor side at home all season, with the exception of the reserves against Luton.

So far, non top6.

QPR 1-1

Wet Spam 0-0

Stoke 1-0

Sunderland 2-1

Wigan 2-1

Newcastle 0-0

3 wins, 3 draws at home.

Not bad all things considered.

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