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..at Blackburn on Saturday? No I don''t mean the football, that was obvious, we wasted our only 3 chances on goal and Blackburn were the better team.  What I am asking is why were a couple of Norwich fans ejected from the ground during the first half?  I was sat near the front and heard a commotion from about 6 rows behind and saw one guy getting chased through the seats by a policeman, he was then carted off, and I was told another fan was also taken away soon after. 

It was my first game for while and I had forgotten what it was like to be with my fellow canaries, what an atmosphere we created, outsinging the home crowd even when we went 2 down.  Anyway, I hope that the trouble was just caused by high spirits and nothing serious (ie racism), can anyone shed any light on this.   OTBC

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