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Swollen ankles

Flare at P'boro

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[quote user="......and Smith must score."]It''s disgusting that someone let off a flare.........I went to see Posh v Ipswich a couple of years ago and the Ipswich fans set off TWO !! ( there was less off them there that night ).Shame on you.... [;)][/quote]That''s a disgraceful allegation I have to say.  Have you got proof this has occurred?  If not, I would be very careful about what you put on here.Honestly, suggesting that Ipswich had fans at a match...

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[quote user="Area 52"]

Lets start by pointing out the difference between a flare (pictured in the previous post) and a smoke grenade (as set off at the recent Aston Villa cup fixture)

A flare cannot be extinguished once ignited and burns at a very high temperature, do I need to explain the implications of letting these off in a confined space?

A smoke grenade omits smoke but does not burn at a high temperature but can cause irritation in a confined space.

While both of these carry significant risks, has anyone considered any of the other implications.

The amount of smoke generated by these items has the potential to activate the  automatic fire alarm system, evacuation of the stadium, abandonment of the fixture and a fine for not preventing the use of such items.

Ok I guess i''m being slightly melodramatic but the situation (or part thereof) could arise.

I know some people claim that we live in a ''Nanny State'' but these rules, that some of us choose to ignore, are not there to just p**s everybody off, they are applied after much consideration, by ''professional'' people.

Before I finish lets just think about the issues and discussions we might have been having had they had let the flare off in the seated part of London road.

How many of you that approve of such actions are aware that the seats in that stand were made of wood.

Melodramatic again ? maybe but who''s prepared to take the risk ?


It''s not you being melodramatic at all........I agree entirely on your post......

The tragedy of the Bradford fire disaster was the result of a dropped match or a carelessly discarded cigarette end.......



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A FOOTBALL fan was killed by a flare after last night''s World Cup qualifying match between Wales and Romania in Cardiff.

The flare was fired across the pitch into the North Stand at the final whistle after Wales had lost 2-1 and seen their dreams of a trip to next year''s World Cup finals in America ruined. The victim was reported to have been an elderly man. A witness said: ''It hit him with a hell of a force. It must have hit him straight in the neck.''

But of course any intelligent football fan would know the type of flare they were using.

Unfortunately not all football fans are intelligent.

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[quote user="Stunning volley from Goss"]

What people fail to understand is that these things cost the club money in fines etc by the FA etc....same as standing!!!! At almost every game now there is a member of the FLA...if not the referee writes a report as he did about the flare....they club are then brought to account

Every penny that is spent on these mindless, stupid, worthless fans(I use the word fan loosely) is a penny less the club has to spend on transfers, or ground improvements etc...all the thing that may benefit fans!!!!

Its quite simple really but still people fail to see it!!!!

[/quote]I agree with this.What these fools with the flares and smoke bombs also don''t realise or care about is that if there were too many instances with these devices, that sanctions could be taken by the authorities against our club for failing to control our fans. That, my flare wielding fools, could mean bans on us taking any away fans or even playing games behind closed doors.

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