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Tom Rainsford

Unlucky City

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I was once a Norwich fan until Leeds in 1999 were in the champions league got my support>At the time I was 10.Watching last Nights game I felt my old Norwich pride comingback to me like it was 2years ago.

Regardless of what happens Im 17 know and slowly I''m becoming a fan again it''s not because of the premiership adventure.Here is my apologie sorry for disowning you the original tractor boys!!!Not our ipswich rivals down the road.

Neway to the point last nite was a gutsy performance for the first time in years we were all over a decent premiership side .Then after the 2nd goal our heads dropped that cannot happen .And Delia Smith come on!All Norwich fans know Norwich are coming down to the fizzy league so they do not need to hear her aving a go at the fans.They''ve had to put all season with label ''Norwich great fans not the best of teams ''.Next season green will be gone and maybe a couple of others.Give it another seson we''ll be ready.

Next sesons Line up ..

Ward,Edworthy, shackell, charlton,drury,francis,holt,huckerby(on the left),jonson,Ashton and Huckerby up front.


Next seasons aims ...

Get Money

Buy young players and give the academy lads a chance

And lets Get behind the team and get them back were they belong.

Remember the UEFA Cup run lets make it happen again!!!!!!

On the ball City!!!!!!

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To that list of aims I''d also like to add:

Hang on to Francis

Get Bentley IF we can, or maybe another loan

And a decent cup run in FA, Carling or even both wouldn''t go amiss, another way of getting money 

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