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Rob Styles on Gary Holt head injury

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I didn''t see did referee Rob Styles really had a good look on Gary Holt''s head injury, it is because since I only watched the action on the EPL channel LIVE match coverage in Hong Kong, but the point was in a football match, the referee should not let any injured players, liked bleeding, crash of heads, elbowing or stay on the ground, to interfere the game flow.

I had to repeat about serious head injury, may cost a player''s life and this is what we never want to see happen in any football pitches. Of course our players NEVER COMPLAINT to the referee, about we had players down injured, was the lack of emergency.

We may still conceded 2 late goals in the second half to lose this game but we never know, we really never know. It was very frustrated to lose the lead with 10 men.

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