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yella fella

delia article in pink un

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who wrote that, i know their names are at the top of the page, but i meant it rhetorically.

i am refering to the article on the home page stating that the majority of fans are slating delia. i must admit that there are a few on here who have had a go at her, but i would have thought, going by the messages on here, 606, and the club boards that the majority of fans are behind her, maybe a bit embarrased for her, but generally for her.

how many times have you woken up after a night on the sauce with that awful feeling of " oh my god, what did i say to him last night?" .... well times that by a twenty-two thousand AND having it repeated to you all day from not only your mates but from the tv, radio and newspapers too. thats how the poor girl must be feeling today and the last thing she needs is to open the local rag to find out, quite wrongly, that she has been vilified for it by her own supporters.

so think back all of you, to when you were last in a similar situation, you know you did wrong when you were a few sheets to the wind, did you want your best mates to make you feel worse by telling you that they want to disown you because of it?  or would you rather them give you a gentle ribbing, putt their arm around you and say "never mind mate, we''ve all been there"  because thats what delia needs right now, not this sort of article .

rant over

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