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My view of the situation for what it's worth.

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[quote user="Koreacanary"][quote user="lake district canary"]People have to ask themselves what they want.   Do they want to develop as a side in the premiership  or not?     If you just want to be cannon fodder then carrying on after last season playing in the same way - bags of enthusiasm and being thrashed by Man City and Liverpool (yes we were thrashed last season at Cara Rd by Liverpool, in case anyone had forgotten).   then that is fine. [/quote]We''ve been battered three times in seven games this season and we''re yet to play Man City. Our goal difference is rubbish at least when we played with bags of enthusiasm we were scoring goals up the other end. The defeat at home to Liverpool was a bad result, I know they have world class players and blah blah but they were out of form when they came down to our place and couldn''t buy a goal, I think a few other smaller teams in this league would have made them sweat at lot more than we did.[/quote]Agree 100% with this. Compare the start with WBA, a team that many on here expected us to finish above this season. They have had a very similar set of opening fixtures & yet have managed to get 14 points!

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