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Keegan's Walked - Now Join Me...

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Kevin Keegan has resigned - that piece of news is not the point of this thread however. The point of this tread is to entice other fans to apply for the now vacant position.

Me and my mate have printed CV''s off and I''ve written a perfectly worded cover letter which should be winging its way to the Eastlands of Manchester [the poor side of Manchester btw]. Wouldn''t it be hilarious if they had 30 applications and 29 of them were from people like us [I''m assuming Worthers and other managers don''t read postings on here] and the other was froma  Second Division hasbeen... Announcing that to the world would encapsulate what a hilarity Manchester City actually are. 

And why you as am I suggesting that we all apply..? Well if Big Joe Royal can work for Manchester City, what''s to say we can''t.

I''ll warn you all now, my application''s already in the post AND I live in Manchester so that''s two factors in my favour already, plus my mate is dead good at Championship Manager. But don''t be discouraged, I''m sure they''ll look at all the applications in a similar light... and despair..!?

If you ask nicely, I might put a copy of my cover letter up here for you to see what you''re up against. 


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I did a similar thing when Burley got the boot at Ipswich...

Sat. 12th Oct.
To Whom It May Concern:
Ipswich Town Football Club
Portman Road, Ipswich

Dear Sir/Madam

Manager of Football

I understand that a management position has just become vacant at Ipswich Town Football Club and I am interested in applying for the position. I am a former manager of a Co-op superstore with over four years experience to offer you. I enclose my CV for your perusal as a first step in exploring the possibilities of employment with Ipswich Town Football Club.
As Manager at your football club, I would bring a focus on quality and effectiveness to the side. Furthermore, I work well with others, and I am experienced in communication with players and other members of Management. In addition, I am a passionate Ipswich Town supporter, and offer the club 100% commitment in my new role.
I would appreciate your keeping this enquiry confidential. Thank you for you''re considering my application and I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully

Marc Wood
The reply...
From :   
"Jo Shevlin" <
To :   
Subject :   
Date :   
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 10:55:17 +0100 
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Dear Mr Wood
Thank you for your enquiry.
Unfortunately we do not currently have an opening at the Club that would
be suitable for someone of your background and experience.
Please accept our best wishes for your future endeavours.
Yours sincerely
Jo Shevlin

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    Argh! alcohol is a dangerous thing... I must remember to drink OR submit posts on here, and never to mix them again... Application has been sent.

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