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First Wizard

Blame it on Yankee!.

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There I was, happy in exile in the underworld after my untimely death at Carrow Road, when Yankee Canary posted my name on these boards.

This meddler invoked a dangerous spell which has returned me (against my wishes!) to these boards.

What the hell been going on here?. That strop by Delia was felt in Hades, all the demons are now saying ''lets be having you'' when they go out to possess people!. Worse, her ''vibrations'' from her outburst, shattered all my Hex''s, we''re down now, and its all her fault!.

Old Worthy''s a sad joke, but more on that later!.

Anyway I''m back and going nowhere now, so if this narks you, so tough!.

Its not my fault, its Yankee''s, blame him!. 


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