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Time for some facts!

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Time we took stock of the situation:

1. We have some tough games comming up - so do Crystal Palace, West Brom and Southampton.

2. We still have to play Southampton and Crystal Palace, should we win both games we are suddenly looking good again.

3. Worthington may get things wrong sometimes, dont we all? But at least he doesnt lie, he doesnt spend money on risky players, he doesnt blame the referees or any other random event for the team loosing, he doesnt make up excuses for the lack of performance, he doesnt want players that have a negative effect on the dressing room, is capable of working with a limited budget, is commited to this club more than any new manager could hope to be.

4. We have a strong squad, it just lacks depth, that is a strong foundation to build upon for the future.

5. We have an accademy that is producing good players that are either capable of playing for this club or being sold to lower league clubs. We currently have Crow, Jarvis, Shackell, Henderson and Jarvis on professional contracts.

6. A majority share holder who is not scared of putting her money where her mouth is and wears her heart on her sleave. How many of those exist now? Not many.

7. On the whole a fantastic club that can at least look forward to many years of sound football now that the ship is no longer leaking water as quickly as we can bail it out.

8. No matter what anyone says, we outcheered the 1st division last season and we have out-cheerd the premiership this season. The supporters of this club have given a new meaning to supporting!!

                                              ON THE BALL CITY

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thanks for that chicken

you have made my day, have to say i haven''t really wanted to contribute anything much of late - thanks for giving us all both a reality check and for giving us hope, whatever division we are in next season


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erm chicken, time for some quick facts.

1: well adrift at the bottom of the premier

2: clueless manager

3: players not trying

4: club with season ticket sales and content to stagger along the same blind alley as long as they still get their money.

still it''s optimists like you that''ll keep worthy in the job for another year or so until it finally sinks in to all of you, what''s been clear since cardiff. the man is at best average, who got lucky with some good buys. if you guys can''t see that then your as blind as worthy.

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