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We thought it was all over,It is now!

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We thought it was all over,It is now!


 What can you say about tonights performance?    Well firstly i would like to congratulate the team on there wonderful display of passion. You were totally s**te ! Your performance was a joke,you cant keep the ball,pass the ball,tackle for the ball,you just cant do naff all. Your style of play was boring,your attacking was to bloody predictable as usual,and  your shooting was woefull. Dont you realise your battling to stay up in the best league in the world? Or do you not give a monkeys because you will still be on £10,000 a week in the fizzy league? Your best move of the game was when Greeno was obstructed kicking the ball out in the last few minutes,you were clear on the right and what happens? You lose the flaming ball ! Talk about heros to zeros you the players and Worthy and the backroom staff should do another tour on the open top bus at the end of the season and see how you would be greeted. You are not worthy to wear our Green and Yellow strip !

Walk Worthy walk now and take your deadwood with you ! Im gonna shut up now coz what i really ant to say would get banned by the moderaters.

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