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Bolton match- 'Noone could ask any more of the players'- various. Then, we have to demand more of coaching staff & board

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If ''the players gave of their all'' against Bolton as claimed by various people including Worthington, Green, EDP/Pinkun columnists/reporters, then what is the problem???


(a) Inadequate vision, strategies and tactics by the coaching team welded to poor team selection (astounding favouritism to Fleming, Edworthy and Holt), and a poor psychological approach. Palace, West Brom, Southampton, Blackburn have looked twice the team we have in recent weeks - why, why, why??? 

(b) Weasel approach by the board to finances. Given Doncaster''s recent explantion of the Ashton deal, it is quite evident that we could have bought him (or Crouch) in August without much financial risk. Looking back, I suspect that this is what Worthington really wanted at the time (What we got instead  at the last minute was Doherty - neither fish nor fowl at the moment).

(c) I also suspect that Worthington is not comfortable with ''Johnny Foreigner'' - neither trusting him nor capable of understanding him & getting the best out of him.

Have you noticed, on the whole, how ''Johnny Foreigner'' plays for Big Sam and Dowie from the beginning. They respect him, trust him, stick him in and expect him to perform to his strengths in the interests of the team.

Did you hear the Sky commentators (Ian Dark, I think, and the linguistically challenged Tony Dorigo) - apart from ''badmouthing''  & patronising City throughout the Bolton match - making embarrassed reference and hence comparison between Arsene Wenger''s controversial team of 11 foreigners and ''the new Arsene Wenger''s'' team of 11 from the British Isles - only diluted when Jonson came on???!!

(c) The clear approach of the Board upfront to countenance immediate failure (relegation) in the expectation of subsequent success via another promotion followed by sustained Premiership membership is longish odds. And while understandable as a secret Board long term strategy, should never, ever been made part of the terms of reference and performance goals of the coaching staff. It just don''t work that way - and the exceptions (Charlton, Bolton?) do not prove the rule.

(d) The Board is a mite too self-satisfied. They need to actively seek another investor or two with long pockets.

Why is Roger Munby the Chairman and Delia + husband ''major shareholders now that the "Smiths are now semi-retired?? Nothing against Roger - but can he take us further?

DELIA - shake up the Board a bit.

DELIA - shake up Worthy a bit. Leave him in charge but insist on a modern bootroom/brains trust involving Dave Stringer (especially), Ken Brown, and Mike Walker. 



Rant over.


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Fantastic post BBB. I agree will your points and very well made too.

Our gang have had many discussions on Worthy having a top adviser. We have come to the consclusion that he would refuse. He appears to be very much his own man.

My worry is that the coaching staff lacks experience at the top level with Livermore and Webb (Who he?) in a comfort zone.

Now that Micheal W Jones has more time to get involved I am reasonably confident that all the coaching staff will have to maintain and improve pretty damn quick. This man is a winner and will not be happy if the club fails to progress.

Another inference of your post is the continual attitude that permeates from the club that we are only a small club and still come forward with ''we have no money'' etc. With a stadium of 30,000 plus we would fill it. Every thing is relative but that doesnt equate to a small club. 

Our PR has still a lot to learn. To be honed as a friendly club is ''nice''; to be lauded as a go ahead club with brilliant support would be better!

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I, too, suspect that he would refuse experienced help. And that will be his downfall.

He simply does not know enough about operating in the top tier - and he learns too slowly.


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At last some posts that address our main problem the manager. I have felt all season that we could have done with an experienced defender someone in the mould of Keown to lead our defenders but felt that he would have been too big a character for Worthington to handle. We must also question team selection as the midfield is nearly always over run.

It was interesting to read an article by (I think) Steve Claridge who said it is a managers job to pick his strongest team available to him irrespective of personal differences please note Mr W and lets leave the favourites out.

The board must look at the performances this season and say not good enough, the manager and coaching staff should be told now that things must improve.They must also question the summer signings and ask why they haven''t featured more.

I am not as confident as the board of an immediate return as both WBA and Palace will be two of the teams fighting us for promotion.


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