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[quote user="Ncfc"]www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00s3xd7/Friday_Sport_Grant_Holts_agent_speaks/[/quote]

Thanks for posting the link. That guy hasn''t done Holt or himself any favours with that interview.

He''s made the whole thing sound like a childish squabble .

Surely he can''t listen back to that and still think he''s in the right?

I think Holt has sold himself short having that guy represent him.... And they''re on the verge of featuring the best thi''reng he''s every achieved.

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I think the comments about the situation not being resolved by the time of the testimonial are extremely one sided. Just because the contract wasn''t done and dusted by the Tuesday after talks on the Monday night, MacNally, according to Payne had ''hung Grant out to dry''.

But who was it who initially slapped down a transfer request a few days before the testimonial? I think blaming DM for not getting it sorted in such a tight time frame when other people were out of contract and needed their situations resolving is a bit rich to say the least.

Why didn''t he wait till after the testimonial, then, if his agent is to be believed, the situation may still be ok?before

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