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susie b

West Ham Fans

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I just wanted to say ''hi'' to the group of eight or so WHU fans I walked down to the ground with today, in case they visit this site, especially as I mentioned it to them.
I happened to see them get out of a couple of cars in Corton Road as I was being dropped off, and, seeing as they looked lost, I offered to show them a short-cut to the ground.
Must say I haven''t enjoyed such good-humoured, friendly banter with a group of away fans for a long time. They were full of compliments for City and especially admired the way Worthy has got everybody really playing for each other and with such pride. They were also pretty convinced that the play-offs were probably their only realistic hope of making it this year, and felt, in honesty, that they weren''t quite ready yet. The best thing to hear was that, of all the teams in the top 10, they would choose for us to go up if they couldn''t, and that was because they think we have a decent, friendly club - which we all know we do, with bells on...and we''re proud of it!
Did anyone else meet any Hammers'' fans today and share similar exchanges? (I''m hoping that there won''t be anyone who comes on and says they had the opposite experience, but I suppose all teams have their less palatable fans, hey?! We are no exception to this, sadly.

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