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Our midfield is an interesting thing to look at this window rather than the defence . A hybrid player of Johnson & Fox would make a massive difference in my opinion.

Fox has to play because he is the only player capable of sitting deep & picking a pass but without the ball he leaves us very vulnerable & we often struggle to win the midfield contest.

Johnson on the other hand is mightily effective out of possession; covering as much ground as any player in the division whilst making tackles, interceptions & clearing/blocking play around the box. However he is extremely limited in possession, often stifling attacks before they''ve started.

Fox completes about 40% more passes per game than Johnson or Crofts but just a 1/3 of the tackles & 1/2 the interceptions.

When playing together in the 4-2-3-1 formation we used with success earlier in the season, the weakness & strengths balance out but in other systems I don''t believe they do.

Take the diamond for example.

When Fox anchors & the side is on top & playing well it works wonderfully as we''re able to maintain possession with him often spraying the ball.

However as soon as the momentum is with the opposition; we''re often over-run & exposed defensively with nobody able to offer protection but more importantly wrestle the initiative in our favour.

The diamond requires a lot of guile & movement so Johnson can''t really feature anywhere, certainly not anchor because he isn''t capable of orchestrating things.

A more rounded midfield player would offer Lambert so much flexibility.

He could remove Fox to add a bit more steel & legs in the midfield if we''re perhaps closing out a game but also play him alongside Fox if we want to play a bit more expansively chasing a game.

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