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Playing the ref too..

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After watching yesterday''s game on tv, you have to wonder where they dig these refs up from. I know it''s a difficult job but he made three clear cut blunders yesterday which cost us a win.I think Eddys sending off was the right decision but:

1.Why was Hucks goal disallowed? Primus didn''t claim a freekick when Leon went up for the ball.

2.Yakubu should have been yellow carded for his dive and sent off.

3.I still can''t see Leon''s hand touching the ball for the penalty.


oh and i am not quite sure on the rules regarding the retaken penalty but if Greeno had saved one of the kicks would they still have been able to retake it for encroachment? It was their player who was the offender so surely the goal shoyld be disallowed and a goal kick given to us? But then maybe i am biased lol.. I did get the impression tho that the ref said if he does it a third time then that is was what would have happened.

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