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Ratings Vs Liverpool

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  • Greeno- 7 Didn''t have much to do but what he did, he did it effectively
  • Charlton- 6 Gave away some sloppy balls today.  Was good at left back though
  • Doc- 7 Getting better and better at the back for me
  • Flem- 6 Nothing really to say about Flem.  Had his usual solid game
  • Helveg- 7 Bloody good at right back.  Well done to the bloke.  If he keeps putting in these performances I might just change my mind about him!
  • Hucks- 7 Thought he was good today.  Had Finnan worried all game
  • Damo- 8 Outstanding
  • Mullers- 5 Chased shadows all game.  Completely out of his depth
  • Bents- 7 Didn''t do badly but didn''t create much
  • Leon- 7 Chased about but didn''t create a lot
  • Jonson- 8 Mom.  Did really well all afternoon.  Good on the wing, excellent up front.  Won plenty in the air.  Wouldn''t mind him starting up there
  • Jarvis- 7 Took his goal well but barely touched the ball apart from that
  • Brennan- 7 Should be brought in for Mullers
  • Crow- 8 Generous but the kid did bloody well

I felt we did well when we went to 4-4-2 and had Jonson up front.  Wouldn''t mind that at Upton Park.

Unlucky today lads.  Keep on plugging


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Don''t agree too much I''m afraid!!

Thought Charlton played very well actually and is always so reliable.

Flem "Had is usual soild game" - apart from giving away a goal. I''m not really having a go because he is consistenly good but we have GOT to stop GIVING the opposition goals. Two against Chelsea, one today - they couldn''t have been better assists really.

Jonson and Helveg really impressed me. Jonson in particular has taken a real battering for City this season!

Thought Jarvis and Crow were both excellent.

I was slightly disappointed with Hucks actually. Yes, he does cause problems for a defence - and in the 1st division we reaped the benefits - in the Premiership he''s really not that outstanding and many defenses will come up against people with better skill. I would like to see him shooting and passing the ball quicker as opposed to trying to take on 4 players and walk it into the goal.

Leon tried really hard but never looked like getting a goal. In fact he looked totally ineffectual. That''s not his fault - I think he''s a great striker and he really pressed their defense. I agree with one comment someone made about how he basically needs to win the ball in the air himself then knock it down for himself and then score. He can''t do everything and to be honest didn''t look like doing anything.

Mullers did look a bit crap. We need someone there who can spot those one-touch, incisive passes and doesn''t dwell on the ball.

Crow and Jarvis looked really good


It''s essential we get a goal scorer. Everyone says Palace are a one man team but their one-man team can win games. I am listening to their game on the radio and I expect him to score goals...

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Green - 7 (Nothing spectacular, reliable as ever. Good save from the Pongolle)

Helveg - 8 (Was great throughout the match...I''ve said all along he is better than Edworthy will ever be...must play there regularly)
Charlton - 6 (A little sloppy in the first half and looked a little off the pace. Got it back with some good positional play, but wasn''t his best game)
Fleming - 6 (Did what he has done for the most of the season; defend well. Unlucky with the clearance, could have gone anywhere, nothing spectacular)
Doherty -8 (Don''t mean to blow my own trumpet again, but I said he''s a decent centre halve and will turn out to be a good signing for us...and guess what, he is. He was superb today, his heading is immense)

Bentley - 5 (Did nothing, was wasteful...just when we all thought he had turned the corner in the Bolton game, he did nothing yet again)
Francis - 8 (Solid, full of running and held his own against Gerrard...some nice touches, was unlucky to get booked)
Mulryne - 5 (Still doesn''t look match fit, kept things ticking over with nice square passes, but got caught on occasions and didn''t really have an impact)

Jonson - 9 (Superb. Battled extremely well, showed some great touches and what a pass for Jarvis'' goal. It''s taken him half a season to find his feet, what a second half he could have)
Leon - 5 (Worked tremendously hard as he does every game. Showed glimpses of class, but was generally poor)
Huckerby 6 (First half was good, caused problems. 2nd half I thought he was very poor. Final pass was non-existant. He must start to cross, otherwise it''s a waste)

Brennan - 6 (Didn''t do anything special, the usual Jim Brennan performance)
Crow - 7 (The man has a good first touch! Linked up play well and looked bright)
Jarvis - 8 (Superb finish...didn''t do much else, but when his chance came, he took it)

Thought a point would have been fairest today...results have gone against us, but if we keep playing like that, I can see us winning alot against lesser opposition...and we will still be in touch come April.

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Agree with most of the ratings, especially Helveg, but what exactly did Jonson do today?? yes, he took a battering, but he didn''t do anything to merit a 7, let alone a 9!

Green  - 6   Had nothing to do except pick the ball out of the net

Charlton - 6  A few uncharacteristic errors

*Helveg - 8  Really solid, with excellent work-rate and distribution

Fleming - 6  Consistent

Doherty - 7  Improving game by game, did well in the air

Mulryne - 6  Neat and tidy as ever

Jonson - 6  Worked hard with little reward

Bentley - 5  Could well disapear down the leagues when loan ends

Francis - 7  Matched Gerrard except for a few misplaced passes

Huckerby - 7  Some good runs, but no support

McKenzie - 6  Too often dragged out onto the wings, thankless task

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                      Green 6

Chalton 7 flemming 6  doherty 7 helveg 8

huck 7     mulryne5    francis 8  jonson 5  bentley 5

                   mckenzie 6      


I  am sorry but jonson did nought i thought he always was on his backside than anything else but atleast he is improving!! Helvega had a great game and also francis made some beautiful passes!! 

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Have to disagree about Fleming. I''ve been slated on here for saying that his current form is poor, but who messed up for their second goal? - Row Z would have been handy, Flem. Helveg looked OK, although nobody with pace had a real go at him. The Doc was great again, as was Matty Jonson. Crow looked very lively when he came on, deserves to start - we can''t do any worse. Leon was starved of service again, and the only time he was given a look at goal, he was given offside, a decision that looked wrong from where I was sat. Hucks looked ineffective again most large chunks of the game; does he need a rest, perhaps coming on as a supersub? If so, how about 4-4-2 with Jonson and Crow up front? - it certainly can''t be any worse than our current lack of attacking threat.   

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