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Not just a striker needed...

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Having watched today''s performance, I''ve come to the conclusion that even with Thierry Henry up front, we would have struggled to score. Perhaps a sizeable chunk of our transfer budget should be spent on buying a creative midfielder, because that''s what we lack. Mulryne was appalling today, and Bentley flatters to deceive. We''ve got nobody who can pick the ball up in midfield and charge forward with a view to creating chances. Everton have Graveson, Spurs have Carrick, Villa have Hendrie, even Blackburn have Emerton. No wonder Leon gets so frustrated at the lack of service he gets during a game, we look toothless in midfield, not necessarily in attack. Our whole attacking option is Hucks on the left. Let''s get a good attacking midfielder and a half-decent striker and we''ll be OK.  

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