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B-preference shareholders and a rainy day at Fratton Park

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It''s time for the Board to be brave and to be positive. I didn''t have enough money to buy the last B-preference shares. However, I wonder how you shareholders who did so feel about our current situation. If I''d passed up the opportunity of making a few bob recently by "cashing them in", in order to help the Club, only to find that the Club''s Board isn''t prepared to match my commitment, I''d be more than a little hacked off. If I could really have done with that cash to help me through Christmas, I''d be angry that the Board is going to do nothing in the transfer market to match my faith and ambition. Delia and Roger Munby felt that they had to walk across the sodden turf at Fratton Park to say "Thank You" to Y''Army for their unstinting support against Pompey. My early-teens son spent his Xmas present cash to go to Middlesbrough to support the lads, and sang his heart out all game. So, Board, if you really want to say thank you to the best supporters in the land, then get your fingers out, take a calculated risk and give Worthy the money he to keep us in the Rich League.   

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