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disappointing mulryne

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in the past, i''ve always rated the passing abilities of mullers. but today, during the liverpool, i was simply floored by his total inability to do ANY of the jobs required of a midfielder: passing forward; holding; tackling; creating; shooting; defending.

he was just awful. an absolute waste of a spot. he never even bothered looking up to see who he could pass to -- he just passed backwards at all times like he was some really special player who thought passing back was some bloody insightful approach to setting up the next norwich attack. balderdash. gobbledygook.

i understand that we are short-handed at the moment but surely, mcveigh or even jarvis in midfield would have been better!

i''m very frustrated. watching today on the telly was (we don''t get many games over here in the states -- i''ve seen the opening flurry then chelsea and now liverpool....our MOTD doesn''t show much beyond the goals) an eye-opening experience. liverpool were THERE for the taking. and we couldn''t do it.

we''re slow; we''re not confident; we don''t get stuck in; we don''t run well off the ball and we consistently wait to go behind before acting as if we belong. it''s basically a mental state that says that once we are behind, we''re not expected to come back and so we can go for it without any repercussions.

it''s a problem. it''s very reminiscient of what i used to hear from micky adams last season at leicester "we''ve lost a lot of really close matches but we''re getting there...we get better and some day the luck will turn". well, sometimes you have to create your OWN luck.

i am happy to see francis back. he, bents and hux look like they think they belong. leon, for all his industry, looks like a jack russell without a sense of direction.

the board MUST spend and spend aggressively. the numbers simply do not add up for them to stick with what we''ve got. ashton sounds good. but he''s a longshot. but nigel and the board must do something NOW. i''ve seen enough this season to know i love this club, i want to see them stay up, i''m proud of their effort and gutsy courage but now i want to see some NEW BLOOD.

dialysis please.

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