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Super Hoops

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I hate QPR!

I hate their Captain Pugwash shirts, and their garden shed of a gound.

I hate their winging manager with the humourous moniker.

I hate Tony Fernandez who doesn''t know who the right Lotus were and so bought a Loftus

I hate Anelastic Foreskin who is ineligible for a bus pass let alone to play in the Premier League.

I hate "He''ll Cry In a Minute" Tarabt not keeping his toys in his pram.

I hate Joey Barton and his tw@tter comments or whatever they are.

I hated not beeing able to see the corner flags when at their ground in the old days.

I hated thier plastic pitch covered in sand.

I hate their mascot - what the feck was it - was it a rat?

I hate their club shop full of blue and white sh!te.

I hate their "meal deals" what a rip off.

I hate that they are bad losers

I hate their nickname - Super Hoops - sounds like a brand of savory snack from Lidl''s

I hate QPR


I love that they hate US!!!!



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Shame we`re not playing them again this season- would be a feisty game for sure and another chance to lord it over a tiny club full of liars,cheats and crybabies.  Might get them in the FA cup i suppose....!

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[quote user="Mr.Carrow"]Might get them in the FA cup i suppose....![/quote]

Do you really expect our youth team to get through to the next round?

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