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Worthy's game behind the scenes

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So Spurs £2m bid for Ashton has been rejected? Can we assume the price is therefore between 2.5 & 3m?

How much off the price would McVeigh be? £500k

Something has got to be happening with this at the moment. With McVeigh left off the bench behind Crow & Jarvis & no injury, things don''t add up.

The other thing that I think may be a good sign is that Ashton is being targeted by a ''good'' club. Spurs, Man City, Villa are not ''good'' club, they are big/huge clubs as i think another poster mentioned.

Also Careerwise, surely it would be best for Ashton to come here & play first team rather than play behind the more famous strikers at the other big clubs.

Then there is the chance that Green will go - if not now, surely in the summer? There is £3-4m guaranteed at the end of the season.

Then there is the rumour about Watling''s will. If only, but lets see!

The other bit that doeasn''t add up is Worthy''s admission of who he wants to bring to the club. Why is he doing this? To tell us what he would like to do, so we don''t blame him when there is enough £ in the pot? Surely even he realises this will simply get supporters hopes up?

Finally, having Sven / Leon / Hendo out injurred could well do us a favour. Anyone remember what happned last year after we played Jarvis & Hendo up front together as 1st choice in the Carling Cup. That was last year when we were Div 1. There is no option now - we need a new striker - simple as that!!!!!

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presuming a couple of things, ie. ashton wants to move on to a prem. club BUT wants to play regular first team football and that the asking price of 2.5 mil is out of our range why is it not possible to a deal with crewe so all parties are happy,  for example....

give them, say, £500,000 plus mcveigh, we get dean in return and if he manages to score an agreed amount of goals that keeps us in the prem. we will give them a further payment of 2.5 mil.

if we go down they get back their hot new talent NOW with premiership experience which will make him worth a bit more than other clubs are willing to pay for him at the moment, and we haven''t lost out too much financially wise

but if we stay up we have gained a further 25 mil prem money for another year at an outlay of only 3 mil

simple really.... 


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