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Militant Canary

A very proud Canary!

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Been on manoeuvres in the great nation of Canadia. Nonetheless, I was able to watch the Swansea game on Fox Sport- nobody else wanted to watch it, but I pulled rank (cruel chuckle).

First of all, it has to be said that Fox Sport is excellent and leaves Sky, ITV and even BBC in its dust. I say this as a genuine hater of the Murdoch evil Empire, so you know I mean it!

Most importantly, we acquitted ourselves superbly on the pitch in what was an extremely entertaining game for neutrals. It sparked a lively debate amongst all ranks about the Premiership and the consensus was that Norwich were a good side. It pained many to admit this! (a lot of glory hunting Man U etc supporters among them and the odd QPR fan... good lads though).

Upon my return yesterday- not including the time it took for an impassioned reunion with my Lithuanian princess (so beautiful she''s practically edible and so out of my league its sickening)- I caught most of the game against Liverpool. Once again, immensely proud to be a Canary. An excellent point earned.

According to my brother, we were under real pressure in the first 20 mins. He was worried that we weren''t going to be able to get a grip on the game. From then on, we looked like we could deal with it. Although it was in no way our best performance.

What I found interesting was that Lambert obviously outwitted ''King'' Kenny. With the introduction of Holt and a shift in formation and tactics, it looked a different game- I don''t think Bennett was doing a bad job, more that Pilkington- who I think was performing on a par with Bennett- has superior size and strength, which gave him greater versatility in this instance. Its intriguing, considering the alleged calibre of the Managers'' we are supposed to be facing in this league, that Lambert, with his improved and extremely versatile squad, is able to suss-out the opposition every week. Sometimes it works (ie Liverpool, Swansea, Bolton), sometimes it doesn''t quite (ie Man U, Chelsea).

It appears obvious to me that most Managers in Britain have a fairly two-dimensional view of team tactics. Reportedly good managers, like Pulis, Bruce, or even Dalglish, lack a certain subtlety of thinking and the less said about Warnock the better. (Speaking of Colin and my girlfriend, when she saw him for the first time a couple of weeks ago, she was surprised at how ugly he is and described him as a “hellish mating between a man, a pig and a disgruntled Rhino”.)

Roll on Blackburn!


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