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The Pitch.

The Pitch.

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Hi all, thought that some of you might be interested in this. Apologies for the intrusion.

The Pitch. is the free football magazine that is written by the fans, for the fans. The Pitch. is an football e-magazine designed to be read on all computers, tablets and smart phones (though it can also be printed and read conventionally) which contains up-to-date football content. The Pitch. is made entirely from contributions from members of the public, and if its good, it gets published.

The Pitch. is looking for contributors to make its first ever edition set to be released soon and is looking for all types of contributions, from match reports and indepth analysis to photos, stories and jokes. Our mission is to create an informative, relevant and humorous magazine on football.

Initially we hope to release The Pitch. once every 2 to 3 weeks. Eventually however, we hope to release a new edition of The Pitch. atleast once a week, the release date of which depends upon events within football to keep the content as relevant as possible.

If you''ve ever dreamed of being a football journalist, if you are a budding journalist and want to build up your portfolio, or if you just want to get something off your chest or show off your work, then The Pitch. is the magazine for you. It should also be an excellent free weekly read.

If you are interested in contributing to The Pitch. then please submit your article/contribution to editor@thepitchmag.com or visit http://www.thepitchmag.com. You can also follow The Pitch. on twitter at @thepitchmag.


The Pitch.

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