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All this talk of technology and video is just a waste of time

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Funding aside (who''ll fork out £100k for goalline sensors for Oxford Utd? Anyone? Anyone? No didn''t think so)the real problem lies with disputing the referees decisions.

Arguing on the terraces over whether the ref is right or wrong is all part of the game - it always has been, always will be. And anyway, we all know decisions - good or bad - tend to even themselves out over the course of a season.

The problem comes when players, "pundits" and managers (with the exception of Worthy, it has to be said, who conducts himself with huge dignity whether the ref is right or wrong) constantly look to apportion blame for a defeat and always turn on the ref.

Look at rugby union. No player apart from the captain is allowed to talk to the ref and if they do, it''s an immediate penalty with an extra 10 yards if dissent continues.

Rather than searching round for expensive hi tech answers to close calls, the clubs and FA should put their houses in order and clamp down on the dissent and blame culture that infects football like a virus. If you get a bad decision, shrug your shoulders, be grown up and move on - don''t throw your toys out of the pram, moan about "what if" and search for proof amongst Sky footage or by using expensive hi-tech sensors.

But then again what more do you expect from a load of overpaid, cossetted egotists (heated boot pegs at Chelsea anyone?) who think they are bigger than the game?

(Yes Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, I''m talking about you)

Thank you and goodnight. Or should that be good afternoon?

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