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hook norton canary

anyone else expected?

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i keep reading that were linked with

  • James Scowcroft
  • Phil McGuire
  • Rob Hulse

do we expect any? NW said he wanted 2 new players for the villa game, he''s got 1, what about the other?

personally i''d like to see Hulse arrive on the cheap, i know he rejected us before but the Hulse/Ashton partnership at Crewe was awesome and as i said we''d get him on the cheap. W.B.A got him for £750,000 so if there trying to get rid of him-£400,000(bargain)

Phil McGuire, not to sure what he''s like but i suppose the backroom staff must of done their work, so if he''s good enough-why not?

Scowcroft, with the arrival of Ashton i wouldnt be to fussed if we did get him-the figure being branded is £500,000, could be worth a go!

isn''t it weird,as soon as deano joins every player should wanna come in my eyes?

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