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Canary Challenge 2011/2012

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Afternoon all.

Just a quick reminder we are now well into August, and you only have three weeks to get your Canary Challenge entries to me. Our website is under reconstruction at the moment, but you can still download an entry form from the old one www.ncisa.co.uk. Alternatively, if my link workes here http://www.ncisa.co.uk/canary_challenge_2011.pdf  you can print one straight off.

Don''t forget you can have fun all season with this, and can win up to £250. All the money we raise will go back into NCISA projects for the fans and towards the football club.

And this season we are working in conjunction with the PUPS so that anyone who was in last seasons Pinkun Pickers'' League, can have a free entry under their message board name and any winnings will go towards ''Rays Funds for Foncy''. Jusyt make sure you clearly mark which entry is for the PUPs and which one is your own.

(Mandie, Diesel, Graham - I have had your entries but you are stll entitled to an FOC PUPs entry which you can email to me).

You have until August 31st to get your entries to me.

 Good luck.!


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