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Ok so the push for survival starts here

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Firstly hats off to the board and everyone else involved, we have pushed the boat out to get a quality goalscorer and equally importantly cemented the spirit of togetherness that had begun to fracture on the basis of not giving the premiership a real go. Win lose or draw everyone will stand solidly behind NCFC.

So get the rest of the squad fit and get Deano firing on all cylinders and we should be in for an exciting time.

What is it about our defence ? Against Liverpool I thought they were magnificent, but we still conceded two goals. I would play Helveg at full back and the Doc seems to be coming into his own, maybe put Charlton back in the middle as he would now have some height alongside him and bring back Drury ? I''m not having a go at Flem just trying to understand why we have stopped getting clean sheets, answers on a postcard please.

So who would you get in on loan to complete the set ?

Centre Half ? Full Back ? Winger ? Central Midfielder ? Another Striker ?

For what its worth my preference would be a central midfielder who could play like Gary Holt in his prime (you never know it could always be Gary Holt) although it was like he had been replaced with an alien when he played so far this season.

I think our best team at present is:


Helveg Doherty Charlton Drury

Jonson Safri Francis Bentley Huckerby


I''d be interested in what everyone else thinks.

On the ball city !!!!

Desperate to try and blag some villa tickets now.

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