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Why do people do this? Posting a link to a board that I can''t read when in work...do you get advertising revenue for every click that''s made on the board? Why not just copy and paste on here or at least say what it''s bloody about!!! [:@][:@]

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It''s a Liverpool fan asking Derby fans how Ayala was doing:One fo the better young Prem loans we have had here, you can see he is a

different class and has formed a good partnership with barker our

expereinmced CB. Any chance of him next season? -A very assured footballer strong in the air reads the game well and can

pass. Has been the main reason our other CH, S Barker, has suddenly

started playing well. We have absolutely no chance of him appearing at

our place in derby shirt again, after his loan, will be a first team

regular for years for you. -Quality Player, will be well missed, hope he does well with Liverpool. -He is your next Sammy Hyppia IMO, he looks head and shoulders above

anything on the park. We will take him on a free or season long loan,

if King Kenny doesn''t need him!!!! ;)-Quality and composure on the ball befitting a player ten years his senior.

Class above. -Definitely one of the best loans we have had in recent years. I dont

think he is ready to be a full time Prem defender, so we might as well

hang on to him for another year. In fact just leave him with us and we

will let you know when you can have him back ;D-another question: In comparisoon to Chris Riggot at Ayala''a age. Who is the beter player and prospect?-Ayala id say....but some may differ or be biased...we`ve only had a couple from nhim so.................. -I would agree, both great but I think Ayala edges it as he passes the ball out of defence much better for me! -He''s OK from what I have seen but cant understand some people going a

bit over the top .... hes playig the likes of Swansea and Doncaster!

Put him against a real striker and a reputation can disappear in a

second and thats when you find what a player is about!

Having watched some of the greats like Mark Wright in a Derby shirt he

clearly is not that class. "From what I have seen" he''s a good

championship centre half at the moment but does seem a bit quiet.

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At least this one will be well worth reading when you get home! In fairness there is too much to paste, it is about the praise Derby fans were giving Daniel Ayala.

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